carloskingfreddyo2We all know boss chick Mona Scott-Young as the creator and executive producer for our favorite love-to-hate reality show “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” on VH1. But even a boss needs a good right-hand man to help run things, and she has that in Carlos King, one of the executive producers of the show.

You might have seen the homie Carlos step out from the behind the camera to break up a fight or two. But what else does Carlos do? In a recent interview with our friends at The Jasmine Brand, Carlos spilled some juicy details about what goes on behind the scenes of the show.

Carlos got his start in television after moving to New York during his sophomore year of college. “I was always like, I need to be in New York, I need to be in television,” he said. After hustling and interning at various stations like BET, ABC, and MTV, he finally landed in Atlanta to get the LAHH ATL ball rolling.

carloskingfreddyoSo what exactly does an exec producer do? “You are responsible pretty much for the look of the show and for the story line that you see on the show…to give an example, you talk to Mimi, and Stevie, and Joseline on a daily basis and Stevie may tell you I’m having issues with Mimi, she’s not telling me where she’s living…you tape a moment where he’s able to have that conversation and it has to make sense for the audience and it has to make sense for people who are trying to understand their story. So you tape that scene and then you try to go and follow up with a story line.”photo

Carlos also shared on why he thinks LAHH ATL is so popular: “You have a cast of people who are so honest and they are willing to tell you the truth. They’re funny. They’re dramatic. They’re interesting.”

photo (2)While Carlos doesn’t seem to play favorites with the cast, he does mention that Mimi Faust is one of the most realest people he’s ever worked with. “Mimi is one of the most authentic, passionate women I’ve ever worked with. And it’s unfortunate that people portray her as being stupid, naive, weak. She’s none of those things. She’s very smart. And she’s not weak. She’s a woman who’s in love with a man she’s known for 15 years, and her only child – he’s the father of her daughter. So you can’t judge her. We should applaud her, girl I get it. If that’s what you wanna do, if that’s how you handle the situation then that’s you. Keep going it cuz it’s good TV.” photo (1)

Yes it is! We can’t wait to see if Carlos King will drop anymore details about the show. Don’t be so tight on the secrets of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Carlos! We want more, we want more, we want more! We really like it, so we want more!

Check out the full interview at The Jasmine Brand.

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