Tweet is gearing up for the release of her new untitled studio album. The singer was last on the scene six yeas ago during the release of her second album, “It’s Me Again.” Due to lackluster sales Tweet has been under the radar. Tweet made her debut being featured in Missy Elliott’s “Take Away” video, singing vocals which replaced the original’s version Meelah (formerly of R&B group 702). Years later she released her first album “Southern Hummingbird,” which spawned two hit singles.

She began working on her third album “Love Tweet,” but due to much of the music leaking, she halted up the album. But now Tweet has confirmed on Twitter that she has been working on new music and planning a release in 2012. There is not any news if the new album will be called “Love Tweet” or a new title. Either way fans of the “Southern Hummingbird” will be more than happy to say “Oops (Oh My)” about the release.

Are you excited to hear a new album from Tweet?




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