Rapper Tyga recently had his day in court and tells the world that he and Kylie Jenner are NOT dating or having sex!

Check out the details below!

This week Tyga’s name has been in EVERYONE’s mouth! Earlier this week vixen Amber Rose gave her opinion about the 25-year old rapper’s relationship with 17-year old Kylie Jenner. She made it very clear that Tyga was wrong for the relationship and that the Jenner sister needed to have several seats!!! This eventually led to an all out Twitter war between her and Khloe Kardashian!

Well, yesterday Tyga joined “The Breakfast Club” and got to give his side of the story!

Check out the interview below!:

Well…there you have it folks! According to Tyga, him and Kylie are just “FRIENDS!” He believes people are just trying to make a story, but it’s really hard to not speculate the way these two hang out!

What are your thoughts? Is Tyga lying about his relationship with Kylie Jenner? Or is everyone making something out of nothing? Comment below!

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