SAY WHAT?!? Tyga’s fancy birthday present to Kylie Jenner was LEASED!!! And if that isn’t the kicker…it was by HER!

Check out the details below!


Uh oh Tyga! You have a lot of explaining to do! Apparently that fancy white Ferrari he got his FINALLY legal beaux was LEASED! And under whose name you ask??? Kylie Jenner!!!

The rapper shocked the world on Kylie’s 18th birthday when he brought out a white Ferrari 482 Italia! One, because that’s a pretty impressive gift to get someone. Two, many were wondering…”who paid for this?” Not to say the young man ain’t making moves but like this?

Welp! I guess it’s safe to say if you’re going to stunt, then do it big and with the help of your very rich girlfriend. Either way, she has a nice new toy that he gets to take credit for. What are your thoughts? Comment below!

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