Tyler Perry shared some thoughts about his friend/mentor the late great Maya Angelou.
Check out what he had to say below.
Tyler Perry fresh off the heels of Maya Angelou’s funeral had quite a bit to share about his friend. The businessman took to Instagram and shared the following,


At Dr. Maya Angelou’s memorial service, First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech blew my mind. Oprah’s words were phenomenal. Ms. Tyson’s reflections were heartwarming. Lee Ann Womack sang my favorite song, “I Hope You Dance”. Valerie Simpson made me want to shout for joy. But it was something that the former President Bill Clinton said that shook something in me. He was talking about her life and all that she had done. All of her books, poems, and accolades. She worked with civil rights giants including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He went on and on and then he said, “On her 40th birthday Dr. King was assassinated.” I thought to myself, “Dear God she had don all of that by 40.” I’m 44, I’m behind… LOL. I got so inspired. Her life was such an example to all that you can achieve whatever you’d like, mo matter where you came from. Sitting in that chapel I could hear her voice on my phone as it had been many times. The conversation would always start with, “Hello you brilliant man”. She made me light up and feel like I could do anything. That was her gift to us all. All above the beauty of the celebration of her life yesterday more than anything in that room, what I felt most was her life calling us all higher.

God, thank you for allowing us to share this planet with Dr. Maya Angelou.

Such a great way to celebrate a great lady!

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