Tyler Perry Is Reportedly Suing Boondocks Creator To Stop Further Airing Episode About Him

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Tyler Perry can’t take the heat, so Madea trying to get out of the kitchen. Perry is attempting to sue Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder for making an episode about him. Honestly, it was pure hilarity. Check out the clip below.

According to Mediatakeout.com,

Remember a few days ago when we showed you an episode of The Boondocks which was supposed to be about Tyler Perry?

The one that made Tyler look like a flamboyant gay dude – who SEXUALLY HARASSED all the men around him. Well word on the street is that Tyler is trying to SHUT IT DOWN!!!

According to one fairly reliable MediaTakeOut.com snitch, Tyler has contacted a TOP ATLANTA LAW FIRM and will be seeking an INJUNCTION – to stop you from EVER SEEING that episode again.

Come on now Mr. Perry. You can’t stop this man’s freedom of speech. I mean, he depicted a man that acts as a woman…but was a gay cross dresser at night who ran a cult. Perry is taken to task for exploiting black women, Christ and negative stereotypes of blacks through the character of Winston Jerome. McGruder likens being a part of Jerome’s crew to joining a cult of “homo-erotic Christians.” All I know is…a hit dog will holler. First it was Spike going in on him, now Aaron. Check out the Boondocks clip below!

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7 Comments to “Tyler Perry Is Reportedly Suing Boondocks Creator To Stop Further Airing Episode About Him”

  1. Nekeeda says:

    i got some holy ky for you tyler. You know you like boys so stoppppp playing..How You Doin? I wonder what his gal pals Oprah and Gayle (you they are lovers) say about him and all this mess. Homo Nomo in my Cadillac Kim voice.

  2. SGT_Robinson says:

    Seems kind of crazy that Tyler is so BENT out of SHAPE over NOTHING!!!!

  3. bjksolo says:



  4. ITS ME says:

    Ya’ll know u can’t trust 99% of what mediatakeout.com says.

  5. LAYLA says:

    Not a lawyer or anything, but it seems it would be hard to prove slander when Tyler Perry’s name or characters was not referenced anywhere in the story line. Subliminally of course we all know who he was referring to, but I guess the truth hurts.

  6. breakdown says:

    i would like to see it

  7. Tyler Perry better grow a pair and be through he makes fun of gay men as Madea and talks bad about other celebrities as Madea especially in The play Class Reunion.

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