Tyrese Opens a Travel Agency

CinnamonStiXXX Nov 19 13 2 Comments

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Tyrese Gibson, the author, actor, singer, record label mogul and businessman can add travel agent to his list of accomplishments.

Tyrese had a soft launch for his new travel agency, Voltron Travel, and booked over forty flights in three days.

“If you ever want to invent something, pay attention to what people complain about.”

The actor explained his motivation for this new business venture. He noticed that celebs often get preferential treatment when flying. Celebs are granted access to VIP lounges, experience short or no lines at curbside check-in, and enjoy many other perks during travel. So, he figured he’d offer these luxe perks to the general public- not a bad idea since everyone wants to live the glamorous life!


During the interim while VoltronTravel.com is in the works, you all can book your travel with all the perks via one of the agents available 9-5.

I know I plan to support Tyrese. We hope you will too! Voltron Travel is Freddyo approved!

Check Tyrese on Twitter @Tyrese & @VoltronTravel

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2 Comments to “Tyrese Opens a Travel Agency”

  1. Jessica says:

    This is awesome and I’m excited for Tyrese to continue to do his thing! :) #GetInspired

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