tyson-beckfordThe oh so sexy Tyson Beckford stopped by “The Real” this morning.  He talked about his part in the new Zane movie, “Addicted.”  He also talked about his path between modelling and acting, his fitness regimen, and he showed a little bit of skin.

Check it out!

Tyson played “The Real Top Model”, on ‘The Real” this morning:

Jeannie Mai climbed all over the couch, Lonnie helped him out of his shirt, Adrienne played photog, and the crowd went WILD!

Tyson talked to the ladies about his fitness regimen. He said:

“If you eat right and sleep right and take care of your skin, you’ll be ok.”
He mentioned he’d been in the gym just this morning, and you could tell!!!!

Tyson and Tamar were familiar because he’d starred in her sister, Toni Braxton’s, video “Unbreak My Heart” years ago. Ironically, the same director, Billie Woodruff, that directed Tyson years ago; is working with him again on the new scorcher, “Addicted.”

Tyson was first an actor, but landed a contract with Ralph Lauren that would later shape his career as a model. His acting has now come full circle. We can’t wait to see him burn up the screen in “Addicted”.

What do you think of Tyson? Will you be going to see the new movie “Addicted”?

Twenty two years of modelling and he is just as hot as he was when he first started. Leave your comments below.

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