After finally wondering what caused Diddy to go from “0-100” on Drake in a nightclub in Miami, the real reason has surfaced. It seems that Diddy was already upset at the Young Money rapper over Drake’s latest single!

Check out the details below!

After days of speculation about what led up to the scuffle between Drake and Diddy, the truth has finally been made public. According to the New York Post, sources say that tension has been building between the two rappers ever since Drake dropped “0-100/The Catch Up”. Diddy claims that Drake stole the beat from him! The song has been wildly popular, being played over and over again by radio stations all over the nation, and now, the song has earned Drake two Grammy nominations, along with the title “Song of 2014” by Complex magazine. Apparently, while Drake has been basking in his success, Diddy has been tossing in his bed at night, peeved at Drake’s accomplishments.

The song in question was written by producer Boi-1da (pronounced “Boy Wonder”) and had been offered to both Diddy and Drake, but to Diddy’s surprise, Drake beat him to it. “Diddy sat on the track, so Drake went with it, and now the song has two Grammy nominations while Diddy hasn’t had a hit in a while. He feels like Drake stole it from him,” a source said.

So after a night of celebrating DJ Khaled’s birthday down in Miami, Diddy decided to let Drake know how he really felt about the whole thing. He approached Drake in his car, like a “man on a mission” one source told the NY Post. Drake allegedly grabbed his dislocated shoulder, shocked, and in visible pain. He was rushed to the hospital, and is now sporting a sling. Not a good look!

Is this a simple case of an “OG” hating on the new kid on the block, or was Drizzy Drake asking for it all along? Tell us what you think!

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