We reported Dwight Howard’s five signing prospects at the beginning of the week.  He was rumored to make a decision by Thursday, but he is known for wavering, so it was no surprise when a decision hadn’t been reached yesterday.  Earlier today, it was reported that Dwight Howard had decided to sign to the Houston Rockets. And then…

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As it stands now, the Rockets deal is worth a little over $80 million dollars, while the Lakers deal is worth $118 million dollars.  With his issues with injury, he has reported considered taking the extra Lakers money as insurance, should he not be able to play.

His representatives reportedly told the Lakers this afternoon that he would not resign.  However, he is now reportedly 50/50 between the Lakers and the Rockets.

As a source in the Howard camp told ESPN:

“He changed his mind. Hey, he’s  Dwight. What can you say?

Now, I reported the other day that I thought he would be suiting up with the Rockets and I still stand firm on that prediction.  We’ll just have to wait and see what Dwight decides.

There are still a lot of possibilities and it could be possible for him to get the extra $30 million while still signing with Houston with a sign-and-trade.

What do you think?  Where should Dwight Howard sign?

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