Just yesterday, we heard that Nicki Minaj was punched in the lip by some unidentified male. Well now we have all the answers! Despite all of Nicki’s tweets denying that anything happened, records obtained from the authorities prove that an altercation did go down. I just wanna say that the homie SB is not a woman beater and Nicki said herself that any man that hit her would leave on a stretcher with his balls cut off. It’s also been revealed that Nicki wasn’t physically punched in the face with a fist but instead a suitcase. Apparently she got into an argument with dude and he had his suitcase in her hotel room. They go back to the room so that he can get his stuff and while in the room packing his things to leave he shoved the suitcase against her chin and lip. When he did this, it caused Nicki’s teeth to cut the inside of her bottom lip which then led to it bleeding. I’m still curious as to what they were arguing about for it even to get to that point. What do you think the reasoning is behind the argument?

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