Music superstar Usher posted a picture on his Instagram that showed off a REALLY nasty eye injury and, of course, the rumors started flying as to how he actually got injured.

Here are the details…

On New Year’s Eve, many of us were out at parties, at church, or at home watching the ball drop in New York City without incident, but unfortunately, R&B/pop sensation Usher seemed to not have the same kind of “uneventful” celebration. He posted the following picture on his Instagram on New Year’s Day that showed his partly bloodshot right eye with the caption “You should see the other guy!!”


Since there was no explanation from Usher about what happened, people took it upon themselves to come to their own conclusions. CocoaFab reports that the “Good Kisser” singer was defending his fiancée, Grace Miguel from a druken club patron. Here’s a portion of their report:

“Usher was in VIP with his girlfriend, and some drunk white guy was screaming disrespectful things toward Usher, trying to get his attention. When that didn’t work, he started saying nasty things about his [fiancée Grace]. The guy called her ugly . . . To Usher’s credit, he didn’t act like a b—-. He broke through security and started fighting the guy. Usher f—– him up. … Usher must be a boxer or something because the punches were very fast.”

There hasn’t been any word from Usher himself or his camp to confirm this alleged club brawl, but we do hope that Usher’s eye injury will heal up soon!

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