If you ever want to see teenagers possess super strength that exceeds that of a group of security guards, then go to an August Alsina concert! Yesterday he sent women into a frenzy during his performance at the V-103 Car and Bike Show!


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ALL day women (young and old) screamed for August Alsina! Every time the MC would get on the mic and ask the fans what they wanted, they would scream, “AUGUST, AUGUST, AUGUST!” People were lined up to see the man of the hour and refused to let any barricades hold them back. While Alsina was being introduced, the left side of the barricades was almost brought down by excited fans!

The “FML” singer teased the fans when he got on stage by hiding his face with a black jacket, but those girls could not be fooled. When it Alsina began singing, the crowd went wild and began trying to push through the barricades. Personally, I and several others believed they would overpower the security guards.


He dedicated a special performance to his mom, who they brought up before he came on stage. Everyone KNOWS that boy loves his mama! He sang “Make It Home,” which can be heard on his album “Testimony.” That particular performance was able to calm the crowd down, but it all change when the New Orleans native jumped into the crowd during his performance of “I Luv This Sh**!”

Even after his set the fans were still trying to push through to get to him. He did a fantastic job yesterday, but this had to be the scariest performance I ever witnessed. I am not sure if I was more in fear for him or us (the people in the front rows)!? Shout to security for holding it down…you guys are the REAL MVPs!

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