The crowd went BANANAS when Trey Songz  hit the stage at the @V103 Car and Bike Show!!! He talked about his new album, Trigga, and then surprised everyone with a performance.


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Trey Songz was just one of the many stars to hit the V-103 Music Stage yesterday for the 11th Annual Car and Bike Show! He had everything to be happy about, thousands of fans screaming his name…as if he is not already use to that…and his album, Trigga, is number 1 on the Billboard 200.

Before he could even come to the stage, the crowd had to be calmed in order for it to have been deemed safe for the artist. But as soon as he did, the crowd’s excitement came back stronger than ever! “Na Na” artist talked about being grateful for his album’s success and then gave the crowd a little something extra with a surprise performance.

Although, Songz had began performing, all you could hear were the fans screaming his lyrics. There was not a word that was untouched or “unsung” in this case last night. However, towards the end began singing a capella, which showcased his hypnotizing voice!

If you were not able to indulge in the fun that was Trey Songz, then do not worry because we have all the clips and pictures from yesterday’s performance.

Check out photos below!

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