Angela Simmons was spotted  yesterday with a new boo during an outing in Beverly Hills. The socialite was with a couple of friends as she ran some errands in West Hollywood, but was seen at one point to hugging the flamboyantly dressed mystery man. Angela was dressed a little hoey, wearing a mini skirt with suspender-patterned tights. More Pic’s below…

In other news Vanessa and Angela Simmons have been busy, the moguls recently released a new website and lingerie line.
The site is called The site contains various links such as Girl talk where readers get personal advice from the pair. Other sections on the site are: The Life, The Look, and The Beat which features everything from workout tips and recipe suggestions to music favorites and beauty and fashion essentials. Really the site is more like a blog forum for women.  Vanessa and Angela recently released a statement announcing their excitement regarding their new venture and hopes that the exchange of ideas will motivate and inspire their fan base.

“We look forward to exchanging tips and tricks with you, letting you in on what we’re up to, and creating a place where individuality is embraced. You will be able to create your own profile page, chat it up with other members, swap ideas, talk about trends and become inspired.”

In other news Vanessa Simmons 28, the oldest of the pair, also introduced their first lingerie line entitled Rose by Vanessa Jean. Vanessa may look like a church girl, but there’s nothing churchy about her line of lace front bras.

Vanessa released the following statement via Global Grind reiterating her desire to provide sexy lingerie to women of various sizes.

“I am determined to provide women with comfortable, stylish and sexy lingerie no matter what shape or size they are because truthfully, my line is about women and the beauty of being a woman that transcends perceived expectations and stereotypes.”

In sad news the pair recently encountered IRS troubles after tax collecting agency accused them of neglecting to pay over $350,000 in taxable revenue. According to the Detroit Press; the amount included tax liens such as, $157,787 lien filed against Vanessa Simmons on Nov. 10 in New York and $132,466 filed against Angela Simmons on April 1 in New York.

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