Authorities arrested Afroman for punching a female fan during a performance! What did she do to deserve such a devastating blow?

Check out the details below!

Rapper Afroman was arrested after punching a female fan during his performance! In the video you see an eager fan jump on stage to dance along side him. The entire time Afroman was just playing and the crowd was going wild!

Eventually, we assume he got tired of the fan because he turned around and punched her. The forceful blow brought her to the ground. Afroman turned back around to face the audience and continue his set.

Authorities came to haul the performer off stage and arrested him at the venue. Afroman was later released on a bail of a little over $300. According to his rep, the rapper wasn’t sure if the fan was a man or a woman?

Check out the video below!:

I guess he was that concerned for his safety?! What are your thoughts? Comment below!

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