VIDEO and PICTURES: Walter Hampton CONFIRMS Tyler Perry Gay Rumors Brutually Attacked

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This dude Walter Hampton ALLEGEDLY the ”ex-best friend” of Tyler Perry confirms the director/actor is gay and that he abandoned the “black gay community” for “fame and fortune”.

Walter is upset (SOUNDS BITTER) about Tyler Perry not using his platform to further the mission of the “Black Gay Community”. Not too soon after this confession Walter Hampton was brutally beaten.

Did his confession lead to a brutal beating.

Wow, did Madea get him?

Walter Hampton “outed” Tyler Perry on YouTube last month by describing them as the best of  (gay) friends. He said that Tyler was a full-fledged gay guy who frequented gay clubs and hung out with visibly gay men. Walter Hampton said that Tyler Perry stole Miss Sophia’s whole routine while hanging out with the artsy gay community. We don’t know about all that but we do know that Tyler was “researching” material in the early days. Just because Tyler was the club don’t mean a damn thing!

“Madea” according to Walter Hampton was based on Miss. Sophia’s act (a local Atlanta comedian).


Walter Hampton is disappointed in Tyler Perry for abandoning his community of former friends and allies. Mr. Hampton would love to see Tyler use some of his financial resources and fame to help advocate AIDS/HIV awareness and prevention. AIDS and HIV is devastating the black gay community and Tyler could use his amazing platform to help transform lives according to Hampton. See what he had to say below:

Shortly after releasing the above video Walter Hampton was brutally attacked. He has a horrible scar on his face to permanently remind him of the attack.



Do you think Madea did it?

There’s no proof that Tyler Perry had anything to do with the assault of Walter Hampton.

Note to reader:

There is no proof of Tyler Perry ever being associated with a man in a relationship.

Tyler Perry has denied all of the gay rumors.

We are just telling the story.

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Story via: Media Take Out.

Pictures via: Instagram.

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14 Comments to “VIDEO and PICTURES: Walter Hampton CONFIRMS Tyler Perry Gay Rumors Brutually Attacked”

  1. NEWME says:

    And so what if Tyler Perry is Gay , I think the world have came to grips that we really don’t care… That’s him and his life… If he decide to forever live in the closet well that’s on him.. I don’t understand what’s the big deal with people want to out someone else life…. Worry about your trashy as* and not the next person…. dude obvious don’t have shi* going for himself sitting at home making YOUTUBE videos about the next nigg*… Tyler perry is a multi millionaire who own islands homes and much more… He frankly don’t care either… come on people worry about yourself and your own sexuality….. We live in a world where everyone concern about the next person but themselves….. You got to blind to think Tyler straight but who cares what he like and prefer its 2013 people better wake the hell up…. and understand how life really work… I glad dude got his as* slaughtered like a cow for running his cock sucker , once again worry about yourself…

  2. didi says:

    Seriously, like newme said: people should just worry about themselves and leave others the heck alone! Geez.. Some Jason came outa the closet after wasting a girls’s life for was he sleeping all these 8years? He didn’t know he was gay? ‘Idiot’.. Tyler perry is a fine looking guy and it worries me that he is 43yrs and unlike other celebrities,we cannot really say”that’s the girl tyler perry dated for a year or two or something’ except when this his gay rumors started flying, he suddenly brought out some “paid” model Gelila to pose as his girlfriend to shut people up..his pictures with her were so awful,no chemistry,no connection whatsoever between the two and then like magic, she dissappeared! I mean c’mon guys I really doubt tyler is straight! Am just waiting for when one of his hidden”paid to shut up” boyfriends comes out and kick him in the butt. Or maybe he’ll look for an innocent woman to enter a fake marriage contract with just so he looks straight and still have the support of those naïve church going people.. He gotta stop deceiving us, we are sick of it all.Smh

  3. Patricia long says:

    Who cares Tyler Perry running and minding his business while mr walter Hampton is running his mouth. Walter please get a life stop dwelling on Mr Tyler Perry, heis rich come on Walt get ur life stay out of Mr. Tyler Perrys life. Mr Tyler has made it big don’t hate, or try to knock a good man, he’s good for the blacks all his movies make u some and be proud of what u can do. Take care black men.

  4. Patricia long says:

    Hats off to mr. Tyler perry keep doing what you are doing people love and admire you run your life, lol.

  5. Sabrina says:

    It doesn’t matter to me I still and will forever be a fan

  6. joy says:

    will forever be a fan love him.

  7. RealTalk says:

    Tyler Perry lives his life as he wants to no prob with that. But Leviticus 20 verse 13 says “‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.. Tyler Perry is a successful man who has portray an image as a man of God. How could u be a Christian and man of God and still go against him that should never happen.. So Tyler Perry we don’t say gay we say Battyman and Fire Blaze on a BATTYMAN… If it is really true I can never be a fan no more… America go against GOD tooooo much legalizing same sex … That’s why there are soo many things happening in that country it is going to fall . It’s one thing to sin and accepted and know u have sin but America sin go against GOD and think that they are right.. My conclusion is that they don’t believe in GOD

  8. Amelia says:

    @ realtalk i agree with everything u said. thats how americans are they think everything is right and just. legalizing same sex marriage is sick and distingusting all they do is try to alter the law.but tlyer trust me u will have ur day.

  9. Caleb says:

    that nigga is big ass fuck how many people jumped him, a whole football team?

  10. charles says:

    Killing the messenger doesn’t change the truth of the message itself.

  11. ciera says:

    How can this guy think Tyler should support an abomination. H e needs to understand his sickness. And get help for that. Both he and Tyler are responsible for their actions.

  12. ciera says:

    The devils 6000 years of rule is up. And they are going to take as many as they can with them. The Black man the original man the Gods of the planet. Are succumbing to a sick dying system.

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