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Multiple videos have circulated on social media of R&B singer August Alsina and his entourage kicking and punching on promoter Loose Cannon Slim! It was reported Sunday that the singer got into a scuffle backstage at the #StateofEmergency2 Concert with the promoter and his entourage due to an argument that went left quickly. Someone from Slim’s crew swung on the singer and it turned into total chaos!

Check out the details below!

August Alsina was recently involved in a fight backstage at #StateofEmergency2, a nonviolence concert! The “No Love” singer had a great set, which fans adored, however sources claim that the singer was late.

While Alsina was backstage, promoter Loose Cannon Slim confronted the New Orleans native and it went all down hill from there. Apparently, the two should have just agreed to disagree because the next thing that happened is Slim swinging on Yung Aug!

Check out the video below

As you can see the punch did not connect thanks to Alsina’s security. They quickly bucked up against Slim and his people. But apparently, the failed attempt did not stop there…

You see security and his brother try to prevent the “Testimony” artist from getting involved, but they were unsuccessful.

Check out the video below (**WARNING: Violent content below**)

Rapper Fabolous watched the whole thing unfold outside of his dressing room!

It is unfortunate that this had to happen at a nonviolence concert. What are your thoughts? Comment below!

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