Ruff Ryders Rapper DMX stopped by Power 105 The Breakfast Club in NYC to talk about his new album when the topic of Drake came up, and this is what he had to say…….

When DMX was asked if he was still not a ‘Drake fan‘ he responded with:

“Definitely not, I don’t think thats ever gonna happen”.

He was also told about Drake’s plans to executive produce an Aaliyah album without the assistance of Missy Elliott or Timbaland.  The rapper seemed taken back and immediately frustrated by this news and responded to that information with:

“It’s disrespectful. It’s just disrespectful. You can’t do s*** like that. I wish it was seven years ago, or maybe 10 years ago. Where you catch a n**** in the elevator and beat ’em up. And just let him know it’s real son. You can’t just walk around doing [stuff like that]. ”

For  a clip on that see here:

To see the full interview click here

In other news DMX’s long awaited 7th album Undisputed dropped yesterday.  The album features production by J.R. Rotem and X’s longtime friends Swizz Beatz and Dame Grease. MGK  appears on the single “I Don’t Dance.”

Furthermore on Tuesday, announced that dancehall superstar Sean Paul will be stopping by along with DMX who will be walking his dogs on set to kick it with show host Sway Calloway.

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