Video: Kenya Moore Is A Lot Of Talk & Booty

Contributing Writer Jan 28 13 4 Comments

As if the drama doesn’t get better last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta got very interesting. Kenya Moore and Pheadra Parks booty battle continued. Kenya showed up half naked to a charity event to prove she has the booty. Pheadra and Kenya duke it out in a heated discussion. Check out videos inside.


Kenya walks into Nene’s charity event to try and ‘prove a point’ and that imitation is the best form of flattery or is it?


When Kenya walks in the door the ladies seem to be shocked she would wear such an outfit to a charity event. There is a TIME and PLACE for everything. Was it inappropriate? Obviously it was not the right time and a heated argument stirred up….

Phaedra and Kenya get in a very heated discussion with lots of insults thrown.

Source: BravoTV

4 Comments to “Video: Kenya Moore Is A Lot Of Talk & Booty”

  1. I loved this episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta! That Kenya Moore had me rolling when I saw that outfit on her! LOL!

    I have no problem with what she wore, because she only wore that outfit to make a point to Phaedra, and Kenya’s point was observed and well made on all levels! LOL!

    I feel that Kenya keeps this show funny and interesting, because you just NEVER know what Kenya’s going to do next!

  2. Shonda Rimes says:

    What is most puzzling to me is how females go crazy when they hear that someone was talking about them as if they don’t talk about others. dish it take it……….FOH

  3. QB says:

    Kenya got this show back poppin

  4. OHMY says:

    First I would like to start off saying that I dont like Kenya she boring thristy distasteful and a whole lot more bad words…. She started thinking she the shi* but she aint she old and ratchett and dont have anything else going for herself, her deciding to be RHOA was the wrong career move for her because she could done anything but be on this show…. She is completely putting herself out there in a bad light when it come down to walter she is chasing and sweating this man to be with her… but back to the outfit she had on… I dont see anything wrong with the outfit but wearing it to a charity event was totally out of order. She could have waited for some other even to wear that if she wanted to mimick phadrea. TO me kenya is jack the freak up and I dont understand why she is still on here ugh.

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