Keyshia Cole takes time out of her schedule to speak with TT Torrez for Girl Talk.  Keyshia talks about her new album, her new shoe line with Steve Madden, new reality show “Family First” and the rumor Gucci Mane spread about her on a new rap. Check FULL interview out inside.

Check out some of what Keyshia had to say:

On her new album:

Keyshia’s new album is scheduled to drop November 19th and it is titled Woman to Woman. TT asked her if marriage and motherhood caused her to be more confident as a woman and has she fully step into womanhood. Keyshia’s response, “Parenthood, yes. Womanhood, no. I pretty much knew where I was headed the day I left Oakland. “ Keyshia says she always had the ambition to accomplish her goals.


On why she decided to continue to do reality television with her new reality show, “Family First”:


Keyshia wanted to show her fans that she has grown and that she’s not just one dimensional. She felt her first show was unvital to our communities who have seen her grow. She wants her young fans to see where you can come from and where you can go.

On her husband, NBA player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson being on reality tv:

Keyshia said Boobie likes to wear all his Gucci and Louis Vuitton but the producers don’t want them wearing labels, so put tape over the labels on his clothes when filming.


On her love for son, DJ:

Keyshia said she and her son share and special bond and revealed she doesn’t let anyone watch her son unless they’re close family members. She said she’s very protective over her son.


On Gucci Mane’s freestyle about Keyshia cheating on Jeezy with Diddy:

Keyshia said that at the beginning of the song it said this is going to be the new Tupac and Biggie situation. She said Biggie was with Faith when Pac lied on her so she doesn’t understand where all this is coming from. She said, “I’m somewhere else. Why are you even bringing [my name up]….” She said people can believe it if they want to but she’s going to live her life and get her money. She said Gucci Mane’s allegations are a LIE.


Check out the full interview below:

Source: TT Torrez at iPowerRichmond

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