Mimi Faust’s new boyfriend Nikko has been in the spotlight for more than one reason. First being Mimi’s new fling, second ‘gay rumors’ and third drama from other cast members such as K. Michelle. Nikko is ready to speak out and talks the rumors and calls K Michelle a ‘homewrecking bully.‘ Video inside. nikko

K Michelle and Mimi Faust have been in an on going battle of drama between each other. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s new season hasn’t even aired and Nikko is already speaking out. He sat down and talked about rumors, Mimi and K Michelle with CottenKandi. Check out some highlights:

His relationship with Mimi Faust:

We’ve known each other for 12 years and we recently started rekindling. We recently saw each other so I say about a good four or five months we been going out.

What does he think about K. Michelle:

You have to look at [it]; she really doesn’t have a male figure in her life and a lot of issues even on the show with bullying. She has war with anybody. She doesn’t really know me. We met twice for her to make those rumors and opinion.  That’s what it is her opinion. She don’t really know me–it could be to take blows at Mimi because Mimi is happy. I see it as a home wrecker and this is what she is known for. Her words won’t validate me so I don’t care. I do have a gay family member and for her to make those comments is a strike on the gay community. I don’t have anything against gay people and I’m not gay.


The ‘gay rumors’:

I want to address them by saying I’m not gay. I’m not bisexual and I’m not on the down low. I’m a straight man and heterosexual. Anybody who knows me, and if you want to do your research you can check all this out. There’s a slew of guys that know me and know what I’m about. The way I raise myself is that I’m a street kid from Brooklyn. So anybody that knows me from Brooklyn, they can tell you my resume.

Full interview below:

Source: TheYBF

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