A lot of things happened this week on Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta ep.8. Lots of drama as expected, lol. We are gonna give you a quick recap:

The show started off with a meeting between Karlie Redd and Joseline. Apparently Karly wanted to clear the air between the the of them but things didn’t completely go as planned.


Although during their conversation the two discuss the relationship between Karlie and Benzino and the mood changes.


After their “woman to woman” Rasheeda meets “Lil” Scrappy” at the studio to work on a new single and sees some interaction between Lil Scrappy and Shay that makes her she uncomfortable she has to run and tell the girls.


Rasheeda also gets to perform with “Lil” Scrappy at his mix tape release party.” Then all of a sudden Scrappy show up with the other woman.


This Prompts the next segment where K. Michelle comes to Erica 1-on-1 and reveals that she saw Scrappy with another woman, Shay “Buckey” Johnson.

Erica’s reaction was, shockingly, not very emotional when she got the news, although she did shed a tear when she brought up how their relationship affected her daughter.

“That’s just how he rocks, that’s just how he rolls” Erica stated.

“He’s back to his old habits”, she continues.

Then Kirk gets a tongue lashing from Debra Antney,CEO of Mizay Ent. and mother of rapper Waka Flocka. about his responsibility in Rasheedas’ career not going as far as it could .


All the tension of work and married life has been taking a toll on the couple and Rasheeda went looking for other management without talking to her husband, which only causes more tension between the two but it seems like they be able to separate work from home and make it work.

And ending the episode there is Stevie J., who is requesting a therapy-threesome but I don’t think he was ready for what he got.


Stevie blatently disrespects Mimi by dabbing the sweat off Joseline’s nose and the therapy session changed course.


Joseline finds out more about Stevie’s relationship with Mimi once it is brought up by the counselor and proceeds to jump all over Stevie punching and kicking.


All the while Mimi watches and later replied:

“Get him again, get one for me”.

To see the best moments of Episode 8 watch the following video:

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