Tune in to tonight’s  Hollywood Divas Reunion Show Part I on TV One at 10pm ET, please find a sneak peek clip below to find out what brought Paula Jai Parker to tears.

Check it out below.

Hollywood Divas has been a ball of emotions. We had the opportunity to get to know Paula Jai White, Golden Brooks, Elise Neal, and Lisa Wu as they deal with life in Hollywood. It was an interesting look into the challenges that African-American actresses face trying to make a dollar, follow their dreams, and attempt to create a positive image of black womanhood on film.

Paula Jai Parker went through a lot during the season of Hollywood Divas. She was brought to tears as Carlos King, Executive Producer of Hollywood Divas asked her questions that the world wants to know about her husband, living situation, and son. Check out Paula Jai Parker in her feelings below:

Hollywood Divas Reunion Show Part I on TV One at 10pm ET, I can’t wait to see what the ladies have to say tonight. The reunion show will be hosted by Hollywood Divas’ Executive Producer Carlos King. It is sure to be a good time. Be sure to tune in and watch it with me!

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