The Real  Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Finale was frama filled and over the top. Kandi and Todd’s showcased “A Mother’s Love” the musical, NeNe deals with her illness, Kenya burys her beloved Velvet, and Porsha’s divorce is finalized.

Check out the details below.

Last night’s season finale included the debut of my girl Kandi’s musical “A Mother’s Love” she was so nervous about how things would go, the audience, and her mother’s reaction to the stage play.  Mama Joyce was sitting in the audience taking the story in that was about her issues with Kandi & Todd. Kandi and Todd discuss the purpose of having a pre-nup. Kandi even tells Todd that her friends never had problems with getting their mates to sign on the dotted line.

Kenya has a funeral for her puppy Velvet who was mauled. The scene was very sad. There have been rumors circulating around the internet about Kenya faking Velvet’s death. Those rumors are false and Kenya is very hurt by her puppy’s untimely death.

Cynthia and her sister Malorie channels her inner vixen to surprise Peter. Peter appreciates Cynthia’s attempt of being a vixen but can’t help but laugh at his wife as she tries to get him in the mood. Very cute scene.

Porsha is finally a divorced woman. She discuss signing the divorce papers with her family and how she is walking away a free woman. She removed her rock and plans to move on with her life as a single woman.

NeNe is ill with her blood clots and is admitted to the hospital in this episode. She is the only one of the cast members to miss Kandi’s play at the Rialto.  The play was a huge success and some of everybody was in the audience including Tyler Perry. Mama Joyce and Kandi decides to agree to disagree and that they love each other.

If you missed the episode check it out below.

Video courtesy of Straight from the A.


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