Reverend Jesse Jackson’s daughter, Ashley Jackson, wants to be a rapper! She recently dropped a her first single, but her father believes she needs to direct her focus elsewhere!

Check out the details below!

Apparently, Ashley Jackson, the daughter of Reverend Jesse Jackson, wants to be a rap star! The 16 year-old recently dropped her first single entitled “Fleek Master. Maybe this is what she was working on a month ago….


Although, Ashley did not drop one curse word…daddy dearest is still in the middle about the whole thing! Instead he rather his daughter focus on finishing high school FIRST. However, he hasn’t said anything bad about her choice.

Check out a snippet of “Fleek Master” below:

Personally, I don’t blame him for his concerns! Books first and then take over the world by becoming the next big rapper. What are your thoughts about Ashley’s “Fleek Master?” Comment below!

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