The big homie Suge Knight is back at it with his bully like antics and actions; he is caught on tape attacking and knocking his weed man the F out. This sounds like Friday 2014 but it’s not a joke it’s very real and it happened.

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Shug “Can’t Stay Out of Trouble” Knight is in some smoking hot trouble. A video tape has now surfaced of the music mogul flipping out and knocking the mess out of an employee at a Pot Shop. The video captures Suge Knight entering the pot shop without his medical marijuana card in tow. I can guarantee that Suge is a repeat customer at the weed shop and he probably had some prior issues with the pot man sitting behind the counter.

The man behind the counter told Knight that he wasn’t going to be able to get any marijuana due to not having his marijuana card and Suge then attacks and punches the guy. Its been reported that Suge even threatened to kill the man because he was asked to leave the shop. I don’t know about you but if my boy asks for some marijuana, please hand it over! You can always run that marijuana card after the fact. Nobody need no trouble like that!

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