Tyga actually grew up in the Valley and not Compton. Some footage of the rapper has surfaced from back in 2008 on a game show. Check out insdie for more details.


TMZ learns, a show called ‘Bustas’ had some old un-aired footage of Tyga. The show was were rappers would compete against each other to see who can do the best stereotypes of rappers with some games like ‘Guess the Rapper By His Grill’ and ‘Is This a Real Rolex?’ Tyga appeared on the show and claimed he grew up in a well-to-do household in the Valley, and his parents drove a Range Rover. FYI Tyga claims currently he grew up in Compton and insisted, “I’m still street.”

Check out the video below for him ‘rapping‘ and not being able to pronounce words correctly….

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