Kelly Bundy is the SELLER of the Bobby V sex tape!


Kelly is threatening to sale the SEX TAPE as a way to get Bobby’s attention. DAYUM the big homie is being blackmailed by a MAD (crazy) Chick!!

 RUN BOBBY RUN! Do not stop running. That chick is CRAY!

 The WHAT?

Self-Proclaimed Video Vixen Kelly Bundy chatted with the homie Big Tigger on V-103 about the SALE of the Bobby V SEX TAPE.

Last week we reported that the big homie was shopping a sex tape to the highest bidder.


We figured the big homie was pulling a Kim K & a Ray J.

But NO, the big homie is being blackmailed by a woman he considered a friend. SMH

The WHY?


Kelly Bundy wants the world to know and Bobby V specifically he had better call her if he wants the sex tape to go away.

What the F Kelly? How old are you Kelly?

The HOW?


She tells Big Tigger that the tape was made for the couple’s enjoyment. She tells Big Tigger that she copied a version of the tape from Bobby’s cell phone to herself as a nice reminder of their time together. She goes on to say that Bobby V stopped taking her calls so she’s using the tape to get back at him.

Again, WHAT THE F?


Supposedly, the tape was never meant to be sold to the highest bidder.

Her trip to V-103 is her final plea for attention before “selling” the tape.

Check out the interview below:

Part 1:
Video –

Part 2:

Video –

Kelly tells Big Tigger,

“Bobby knows I am crazy!”

“Bobby LIKES crazy, he’s going to get back in touch with me!”

“Bobby I know you are listening. Robert call me!”

Let this be a cautionary tale to grown men and women, choose your dates wisely. That girl is certifiable.


Man, big homie you need to call that girl.

Apologize profusely then run like HELL.

No you need to get in your car and drive like HELL. Get a restraining order while you driving. Someone please dial 911!!!!!!!

She’s CRAZY!



Bobby get away from her!!!!!

Let us know your thoughts about Kelly Bundy and Bobby V’s sex tape.

 Source: The Big Tigger Show.

Pictures: Freddy O and Instagram. 

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