Rapper Wale discussed his thoughts about the notorious Drake vs Meek Mill beef! He believes that Meek did not come correctly and “brought a pencil to a gunfight.” And as usual, his comments did not sit too well with his fellow MMG mate. Meek went off and told Wale he could “jump off a roof!”

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Rapper Wale stopped by the “The Breakfast Club” yesterday morning and shared his thoughts about the Drake vs Meek Mill beef!

I honestly think he brought a pencil to a gunfight. He ain’t even bring a knife but a pencil. [He brought] a piece of paper [and] tried to paper-cut him to death.

Wale went on to imply Meek didn’t stand a chance.

You can’t compete with people with those type of connections. He could have wrote ‘Ether 3.0.’ The opinions of the people would have been that of their boy from Canada waxed him.

Check out Wale’s interview:

Of course in true Meek Mill fashion he wasn’t just going allow Wale to comment so freely on his recent beef! He instantly took to his IG page and shared his thoughts.


According to Meek, Wale…YOU AIN’T IN THE CIRCLE! However, it’s a little weird for him to say that Wale is out of MMG and the boss man himself Ricky Rozay made it clear that was FALSE!


It seems like Meek Mill doesn’t know when to just let up and admit defeat?! Furthermore, he might want to stay off of social media with his feelings…just a suggestion. What are your thoughts? Comment below!

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