Wendy Williams has always been known to be a little messy and nosy but, T.I. was not having it when he and his wife, Tiny, made an appearance on her show last week to promote their new show, “The Family Hustle” which airs on VH1.  T.I. quickly stopped Wendy when she started asking about his previous jail stints and run-ins with the law. This disaster of an interview set Tip’s fans off  and they quickly began to bombard Wendy’s Facebook and Twitter with criticism about the way the interview went down. Now, Wendy has responded to his fans in an ‘After the Show’ vlog to address the critics and give us the inside scoop of what really happened. Keep reading to check out what Wendy and T.I. had to say about the interview

During the vlog Wendy reveals that T.I. and Tiny’s time on the show was cut short because they decided to leave after the first segment. She also feels that T.I. can’t have it both ways:



T.I. must have heard about the interview controversy and addressed the rumors after a recent performance stop:


Interesting statement that Wendy made about him giving all of the info to shows like “The View”. What are your thoughts? Was Wendy wrong for questioning The King the way she did? Are you a fan of Wendy Williams and her all-up-in-your-business type of interviews?

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