Vince Young, former Tennessee Titan and Philadelphia Eagle, is facing huge financial troubles over a loan stemming back to 2011.

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Young, if truly broke, has blown millions of dollars since entering the league in 2006.  He was signed to the Titans with a $26 million dollar “GUARANTEED” deal.  Even accounting for taxes, he still spent well over $10 million dollars. Not to mention any money made from endorsements.

Young claims that he didn’t receive the proceeds of the $1.7 million dollar loan in question.  He states that his financial advisors duped him into taking on the loan during the lockout.  Either way, the bank wants to be paid and they have been granted the right to appraise his belongings for auction in order to pay off the loan.

His odds of entering the league appear to be dim.  He didn’t play last year and he hasn’t been present at any team’s training camp.  It might be time for him to start looking for a nine to five.

They really should offer athletes better financial counseling.  This is a sad story that we hear so often.

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Photo Credit- David Wessley Photography via Vince Young’s twitter

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