Earlier this week, Waka Flocka Flame released his highly anticipated Triple F Life: Friends which is in stores now. The homie celebrated with all his close friends and family”, last night at one of Atlanta top Strip Cubs, “Diamonds of Atlanta.” Waka threw out over 30,000 in cash.

Waka all I got to say is thank U thank U thank U, had the time of my life, which I had a stack to throw… I got home at 5:03 fell asleep about 5:15 while working on photos to send out, then over slept(11:45) remembering nothing but A$$… LOL.

Waka recently responded to critics, and others who continue to critique his music. I must say, if yall had been in the club and seen some of the beautiful things that were done to his music while the ladies where on stage, you would understand.  Music is not always about lyric’s but about a feeling and how the words make you feel. In a recent interview with Fader, the Brick Squad Monopoly rapper responds to critics’ complaints about his raps.

Flocka explained that he fully well realizes that many listeners find fault in his simplistic wordplay, so much so that he even joked that “Lord knows Waka can’t rap,” but he maintains he doesn’t care. He said that his music is more about energy and emotion rather than traditional rhymes and lyrics. He added that he’s always had difficulty expressing himself even in his youth, but that his music has been a means to channel his feelings without having to verbalize them.

“People say, ‘You don’t have lyrics,’ so I’m just like, ‘Lord knows Waka can’t rap’…I’m being sarcastic…throw it in their faces. I really don’t have an answer for them. I’m doing Waka’s music. My music is different. It don’t sound like a typical rapper’s music…sometimes I’ll go two weeks and won’t record shit, cause I don’t feel it. But another week I might go do 10-12 songs.”

He continued,

“It’s a mood. If you’re happy as shit you can just rap about whatever cause you’re happy as shit. The best times for me to rap are when I’m happy and mad. When I’m depressed and shit, I don’t too much like rapping. When I’m happy and mad, I love it. Sometimes I verbally release my stress and it backfires on me, because sometimes I don’t express how I really feel. Since I was young it’s been hard to express how I feel, I really don’t like talking about problems. But now, I don’t have to deal with ultimate lame shit. I made my mark, so I can be around what I want to be around.”

I yo head up, Waka keep pushing and getting that cash…

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