By now everybody and their mama has seen the video of this dude called Fendi who is claiming he is responsible for making Nicki Minaj who she is today, as well as, he had some not so kind words to say about our favorite Manager/Mama Debra Antney.


Ms. Antney wasted no time in blasting this dude for his ridiculous rants and Hip Hop Enquirer got the exclusive on what she had to say.


“If Fendi in fact had an issue with me or my associates Nicki Minaj or Brian “Baby” Williams, making a video is not the proper forum to start a conversation. Just for the record Fendi did not discover Nicki Minaj, Bow Legged Lou and Anthony of the legendary group Full Force actually discovered Nicki Minaj. So let’s be clear on one thing, Full Force birth her, I raised her and YMCMB married her and now she is a grown woman.”

 Looks like dude is trying to peddle his DVD so why not throw a little salt to up his sales anyway right? Funny part of the interview is that Antney said she would even buy one of the DVD’s if he needs the money that bad. Well one thing is for certain, she is not shy for words and if I were him, I would leave the “Suge Knight” of hip hop alone. Just saying.

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