Wale has been vocal about his displeasure with Tiara Thomas now his assistant is clowning her on Twitter.

Check it out!

To jog your memory Wale had a come to Jesus epiphany about helping people for free. He had worked with Tiara Thomas and helped her break out on his hot joint “BAD”.

After Tiara Thomas got a little name and steam behind her name she decided to sign with another label (Rico Love) not Wale’s. Wale has been very vocal about his displeasure and feelings of betrayal towards Tiara Thomas.

When Wale was on Hot 97 he seemed to be a little upset but over the whole Tiara Thomas signing with Rico Love issue. But Twitter paints a totally different story. Wale’s assistant straight clowned Tiara Thomas on Twitter.

wale-tiara-thomas-freddy-oWow! Feelings are running deep. We think the big homie Wale should use this as a life lesson. Don’t be putting people on without protecting yourself. He put Tiara Thomas on in a very big way and she did not have any true allegiance to him. Clearly this was a business move for Tiara. Can we be mad at her?

What are your thoughts about Wale being salty at Tiara Thomas?

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