Walter Lee Hampton denies ATTACK Rumors

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Walter Lee Hampton the gentlemen who called himself ”outing” Tyler Perry on YouTube wants you to know he was not attacked.

We reported an insane story the other day about the big homie Tyler Perry and Walter Lee Hampton. Walter Lee Hampton went to YouTube and let it hang completely out about Tyler Perry. He claimed that Tyler Perry was living a double life and should be open about his sexuality. I mean come on this is getting old. People should really mind their own business. But back to the story; shortly after releasing the video Walter Lee Hampton turned up with an ugly gash on his face that required 120 stitches. It was so UGLY!


After the picture surfaced the rumor mill suggested that Madea got in that a**. Just pure craziness.

Well Walter wants you all to know that he was not attacked by Madea.


He was not attacked by any zealous Tyler Perry fans. He was attacked by a glass door. Walter took to Facebook with the following,

“I suffer an injury from a glass door falling on me…..DID THE DOOR ATTACK ME???”

He also made a point to address Tyler Perry as well:

“TYLER PERRY outed himself  YEARS AGO. That man was out at the GAY clubs Dancing on the Speakers >>>YEARS before i was. You can NOT be in the closet and OUT DANCING at TRAXX!!..give me a break!!!…..and you hateful punks got the NERVE to be mad….WHY?????…TYLER PERRY OUTED HIS DAMN SELF YEARS AGO!!!!”

Well damn! We don’t care one way or another. What grown people choose to do is their business.

Do you think he ran into a glass door?

What do you think about Walter Lee Hampton’s claims?

Leave a comment below.

Pictures via: Instagram

Story via: Rhymes and Snitch.

11 Comments to “Walter Lee Hampton denies ATTACK Rumors”

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  2. JAGGED says:


  3. Chile cheese….Miss Walter got thrashed by drag queens… us this “glass door” that “fell” on her….

  4. didi says:

    I’ve never seen such a huge cut from a ‘glass door falling on someone?’ But this walter guy is the ugliest gay man I’ve ever seen..looks like a molded giant.I thought gay guys are usually cute, neat and too Good looking and fit. Maybe am wrong..he has to stop running his mouth all the time. Everyone knows tyler aint straight but who cares? Especially now that some dudes are leaving their 8yrs relationships to announce they are gay! Lmao as if he was sleeping all these years and just woke up to realise he suddenly is gay! Idiot.. Well we live in a free world and no one deserves to be beaten up just for speaking his/her mind.. I don’t believe the glass story one bit! Period!!

  5. [...] Now, Tyler will tell you that this act is for the ladies. But fuck that. I think this was for someone else….though I won’t say who. [...]

  6. Sanaa ransom says:

    He aint walk n2 no damn glass he just got dat ass kicked!

  7. Brute says:

    Didi, you can’t be serious. Any gay, straight, man or woman can tell Walter looks good and fit. But I agree with you about the senseless violence.

  8. CashMoney says:

    I’m always amaze at the stuff I run across when I can’t sleep.

  9. I knew it a long time ago when he did a stage play and called his mom up ti give her flowers his feminine ways were all over, un his hand gestures, face gestures and body language but i love Tyler, I love his work and he may have been at that time but received deliverance from that life. We can’t judge him and I’ve always thought the people in his plays (madea) and other gays he uses in his plays/movie represent that struggle of identity. They are still the same person underneath it all that you’ve grown to love. So love Tyler Perry not his sexual orientation.
    We Love You Here In Louisiana Bae!

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