Someone’s been doing something very naughty we think!!!! Late night talk show host comedienne and confessed bad girl, Chelsea Handler, was allegedly busted last week doing something suspicious with a man in gold shoes in the bathroom of a club in NY.  She was then escorted out by security.

Handler, who is dating hotelier Andre Balazs was attending a party for Standard Hotel employees. The party was being hosted by her boyfriend on a restored boat docked on the Hudson, and things started out pretty normal for Handler. The potty-mouthed blonde was seen with her usual booze, earlier in the night. But at some point, she and the bottle might have parted ways.

They say that she then went to the bathroom to get extra happy but no one really knows what went  on in that men’s stall, but one could assume that she a number of things. She wrote about her drug abuse in her biography, “My Horizontal Life,” popping ecstasy and doing cocaine. Now all the blogs are telling stories from a former friend who claimed she and Handler used to regularly use coke back in 2003. I’ll go ahead and assume that she was enjoying some nose candy.

Chelsea was dating 50 Cent a while back (click here and here)

What do you think?

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