Rapper 50 Cent visited the Jenny Boom Boom show at Hartford’s Hot 93.7 (a Radio.com station) and discussed everything from his new album, “Animal Ambition,” and the status of his relationship with Tatted Up Holly, to reuniting with G-Unit, and why he thinks The Game is “bipolar.”

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50 Cent talks about why he know longer raps about money because he got it. He says that rappers talk about money when they don’t have it. He says he has matured a great deal in what he writes about and what is important. He says that introspection is brings about clarity. 50 Cent shares,

“I think that the thing that gets in the way of my core audience, like my original fans, is the success itself. They go, ‘ah, he’s rich, he can’t rap like that.’ See, that’s funny because the guys that are rapping like they rich don’t have it. So the guys who don’t have the money are rapping like they have the money, but they’ve exhausted it so much that it’s not exciting for me to write it. It’s just because they’re inspired to have it. Meanwhile, when you actually make it, you look back at how far you’ve come. You’ll have an interest in writing things that you missed writing on that first project.”

He also address the relationship rumors regarding Tatted Up Holly; he says they are just friends. So you can’t really believe everything you see posted on Instagram and Twitter.

He shares so much more for training in the ring with professional boxers and his reunion with G-Unit. Check it out! in the video above.

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