On episode 2 of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” Karlie walked into the music studio to have a one-on-one chat with Joseline about what may or may not have happened with Stevie J prior to the massive blow-up at the end of last week’s season premiere.

The biggest problem between the two clearly came from the disagreement over what Karlie claims she saw off-screen. Last week, Karlie blew up the spot between Stevie J and Joseline, telling Stevie’s girlfriend Mimi that she saw her man and his artist, Joseline, kissing.

On episode 2, Joseline continued to deny that claim—and she wants proof from Karlie that it even happened.

“Bring me the pictures of us kissing. Bring me the pictures of us sexing, and then we can go there,” said Joseline during her confessional on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.”

Karlie didn’t go into much detail about what she did or didn’t see—or maybe she did and it was simply edited out of the show—but Karlie stuck to her guns. In her mind, Stevie J and Joseline kissed each other on the lips.

“I know what I saw. I’m a grown a** woman. And I’m not stupid,” Karlie said in her confessional.

Joseline then stood up over Karlie, in what looked like an attempt to show off her body as proof that she doesn’t have to settle for any man.

“I can get any man I want. I don’t want Stevie. I want to work,” Joseline told Karlie.

Okay then. Fair enough. But if that’s the case, why does she keep calling Stevie J

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