Word on the street is that R. Kelly is having a hard time dealing with his transgender child’s decision. Check out the video below.

R Kelly was interviewed at Summer Jam and he slides by the question of his transgender daughter who has decided to live her life as a boy. When questioned about his thoughts on what the blogs has to say about his son becoming his daughter he quickly changed the topic. He says that he don’t address dumb stuff.

A close relative by the name of Andrea Kelly says R still refers to 14-year-old Jaya as his daughter … even though Jaya came out as transgender earlier this month and now calls himself Jay.  She told TMZ,

“That’s like calling him [R. Kelly] a background singer, not the king of R&B.”

Seems like Andrea Kelly is right about R. Kelly not trying to hear or deal with what is daughter is going through. Andrea says Jay has not had gender reassignment surgery, but Andrea says she’s respecting the change.  Well, that makes one.

R. Kelly makes it very clear that he don’t want to talk about it. Jayda/Jay is still a young person so we will respect that.

It should be very interesting….what do you think?

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