After the way #blacktwitter lit up Wendy Williams, the questionable casting, and overall content of the Lifetime biopic, “Aaliyah:  The Princess of R&B”; EVERYONE was waiting to see what she would say on her daytime talk show this morning.

Click to see what she had to say.

Wendy Williams, executive producer of the Aaliyah biopic said:

“Everyone has an opinion.”

She also said that whether people enjoyed the movie or not, they were definitely tuned in.  The Aaliyah biopic was the second highest rated movie of the year on Lifetime.

“Alexandra Shipp did a great job”

Fans and haters #broketheinternet after reportedly crashing Wendy’s site and flooding twitter with critiques and comments.

Timbaland, friends and producer of the late singer, took to his Instagram to discuss how he felt about the movie. He wasn’t thrilled.  He’ll be on the Breakfast Club on Wednesday to discuss.  We’ll be tuned in!

What did you think of the biopic?  Did you tune in?

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