What Reebox CEO Had To Say About Rick Ross…

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And in other rappers who should think before they speak news…

According to a tweet by Footwear News, Reebox CEO Uli Becker spoke about Rick Ross during his speech at this year’s Footwear News CEO Summit—taking place this week in Miami, of all places.

Becker thinks the homie Rozay’s a “great guy”, but he has “stupid advisors around him”. Yep, that sounds about right!


Reebox released the rapper from his endorsement deal over his lyrics on Rocko’s “U.O.E.N.O.”, where Rick Ross suggested he drugged a woman and raped her.  Nice.

rick-ross-getty images-alexander tamargo

Rick Ross and his Reebox peeps in happier times…

Becker’s comment was actually pretty reasonable given the rapper’s very inappropriate lyrics. Maybe that’ll make Rick Ross feel a little better about losing the reported $3.5 to $5 million dollars he stood to gain in his deal with the footwear giant? Not really? #itried

But when a company has protests like these going on outside of their flagship store, you’d expect them to do something about it.

rick ross-slaven vlasic-getty images

Women’s group UltraViolet set out to express their displeasure about the Reebox/Rick Ross collabo.

What do you think of Reebox’s decision to axe the partnership with Rick Ross?

Should rappers be more mindful of their lyrics, especially if they’re being endorsed by major brands?

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3 Comments to “What Reebox CEO Had To Say About Rick Ross…”

  1. NEWME says:

    Reebox remove RIck ROss from they brand and RIck didn’t even know it .lol

  2. tee says:

    Reebox did the right thing


    I am a female but i do’t believe reebok should have dropped him over lyrics..has anyone come forward pleading or alleging rape? you know how many rappers sad derogatory shxt whether they have endorsements or not that sucked and these ppl wanted attention they got it oh well he still rich forever without the $5mill lol

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