Baby North West has to be the LUCKIEST gal in the world! Her father, Kanye West, dropped a whopping $74K on her Christmas presents this year! Two gifts that a toddler will NEVER forget!

Find out what Kanye West got his daughter below!

North West is going to have an AMAZING Christmas this year! Daddy Kanye West has spent $74k on two presents alone for his little princess. He purchased a $62,000 diamond-encrusted tiara and a $12,000 on a toy replica of his matte black SUV. Talk about a real-life princess who will be stuntin’ like her daddy!

West’s splurge on his daughter is not shocking. Sources claim that he dropped even more for his wife, Kim Kardashian! What do you guys think? Is this too much for a toddler? Comment below!

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