It seems like every time you turn around little Willow Smith is doing something “out there” that’s shocking to everyone but her and her parents it seems.

The 11 year-old instragramed a photo with friend Bobbie DeBarge (daughter of El DeBarge) this weekend and started a firestorm leaving many people questioning Will & Jada’s parenting skills. The photos showed the youngins with new piercings, Willow a tongue ring and Bobbie a labret piercing.

By now there’s no way you could’ve missed the Instagram picture Willow posted of herself and a friend showing off what looked to be real piercings. In the photo, Willow has her mouth open and a silver ball on her tongue, while her friend sports a silver chin stud.
Needless to say, Willow’s fans and folks in general lost it after seeing the photo. Well guess what? All that freaking out over Willow was for nothing because according to an email to EUR from Monique DeBarge, the mother of the other girl in the photo, it’s not what it appears to be.

“Those are not actual piercings, they are magnets, I know this because the other female in the photo is my daughter.”
And to back up what Monique DeBarge says, Miss Willow herself admitted the “piercing” was just a hoax:
“It’s fake… Sorry,” she added to the Instagram photo.
Uh oh, now we have an even bigger problem: an 11-year-old who knows she has the power to freak out the whole world!

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