Kid celebrity, Willow Smith is not you average 10-year old. In a recent video that has surfaced, she reveals to fans that she struggles between pursuing her singing and dancing. We actually get to the youngster practice some ballet dancing, which she admits she has taken classes for since she was really young. Now, she’s putting all of her ideas surrounding the battle between singing and dancing into a song. Check the video inside. This is actually the first song Willow ever wrote. It was inspired by her love for ballet.  Willow goes to the studio to write the piano-friendly song titled The Epiphany. With lines like “who said that your feet couldn’t sing the song of your life” its no doubt that the song will be a hit. Her talent is so raw, you cant help but to get chills when you listen to her voice.


What do you think of Little Willow Smith’s newest song? Hot or not?


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