Wiz Khalifa Loves To Lick On Amber Rose

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As if they don’t already show enough PDA, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa were at it again this weekend. Wiz’s “Rolling Papers Tour” came through Nashville, Tennessee and he performed at the  Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. While performing his hot joint “Roll Up”, Wiz took the time to romance Amber with his lyrics and then licked her from her naval up to her forehead. It’s obvious that these two don’t care who’s around. They’re going to show their love for each other whether it be through tattoo’s, tweets, or sensual concert performances. A couple of nude photos aren’t going to come in between this love.  Check the video out here:

Are you tired of Wiz and Amber’s PDA or do you think it’s cute? What’s your take on the lovebirds?

2 Comments to “Wiz Khalifa Loves To Lick On Amber Rose”

  1. Wiz khalifas Babe says:

    Everytime i hear something about wiz and amber it makes me sick to my stomach and aggravates me so bad. Amber is an attention freak and wiz doesnt see it but he will. Him and the girl haven’t even been together long enough for her to say she’s ready to marry him and have kids by her. AMBER WIZ IS NOT READY FOR KIDS HE HAS HIS WHOLE LIFE AHEAD OF HIM AND YOU TALKIN BOUT KIDS! Wiz is still young and wants to have fun and meet new people . It’s Plenty of other girls out there. Amber is an ex stripper she has all sorts of naked photos of herself on the internet. i just don’t think this couple is the right match. no offense to either. But I An A Big Wiz Fan And I Absolutley Love And Adore Him With All My Freakin Heart! it Taylor Gang Over Every Thing ! love you wiz always will !

  2. Beth says:

    Excuse that comment right above this one. Some people will never evolve beyond their groupie hopes and dreams. I can’t take you seriously if you judge people from their mistakes only. Anway, Wizbers saccharine love involves much PDA but I mean nobody’s forcing you to look.

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