This comes as no surprise since he is “Yeezus,” after the latest “twitter beef” that started out all as a misunderstanding. Just last week we saw Kanye West going in on Wiz Khalifa in twitter rants over Wiz releasing some lyrics off of a new song then ending with hashtag #KK. Kanye even went as far as bringing the children in it. We all know you don’t mess with people’s children, definite no no! Well one can see how the misinterpretation started as Kanye’s wife is none other than Kim Kardashian (KK.) In reality.


Wiz’s hashtag for #KK was referencing to marijuana, according to sources. Today Kanye returned to twitter to confirm the “beef” has been hashed by saying ” Me and Wiz spoke yesterday, Great convo. All positive.” Not only did Kanye make peaceful amends, but his wife Kim Kardashian met up with Amber Rose (who by the way shut the beef all the way down) to make a peaceful amends as well. According to reports from TMZ, Kim called Amber on Monday afternoon to arrange the diplomatic lunch date after their very public spat. Way to go to these two couples, showing the world how to squash the petty beef!!!

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