YG is facing a serious lawsuit.  According to a report by “Uproxx,” poet Henry Russell, otherwise known as Grimmis, is taking YG to court for unpaid royalties.  Russell claims he’s never been paid for his poems used on the “My Krazy Life Tracks” “Who Do You Love” and “Bicken Back Being Bool.”  The lawsuit alleges that YG promised to share the revenues of the songs with Russell but never did. Russell is suing YG, DJ Mustard, Universal Music Group and 400 Wayz for copyright infringement and fraud.


Russell isn’t listed on the album’s songwriting credits. DJ Mustard, Universal Music Group, and YG’s publishing company 400 Wayz are listed in a lawsuit that alleges copyright infringement and fraud. Russell attributes prominently in the video for “Bicken Back,” he’s at the beginning, reciting his poem “Gladiator.”


YG hasn’t spoke on the allegations, but the last few of months did give the Compton rhymer a couple of headaches. Last October, Chinese-Americans protested the lyrics of My Krazy Life’s “Meet the Flockers” (“First, you find a house and scope it out / Find a Chinese neighborhood, ’cause they don’t believe in bank accounts”). Def Jam also released YG’s Red Friday early, which prompted multiple “FUCK DEF JAM” tweets from the rhymer.

Still, YG is expected to drop his mixtape Just Re’d Up 3 this year.

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