Young Money seems to be in hot water with some of their artists! Tyga and Lil’ Twist are fed up with their label and two secs away from walking out the door!

Check out the details below!

So it seems as though everyone has a problem with the way Young Money handles business. If it isn’t some disgruntled producer who hasn’t been paid for his instrumentation it’s some artist feeling like he hasn’t gotten his just do. This time it’s the latter.

In the past two days here we have two Young Money contracted artist complaining about management. The first being Tyga who’s album has been pushed back so many times he has taken to twitter to claim that he may just “leak it for my fans” if the label doesn’t shape up. This doesn’t go unnoticed as it amuses Young Money President Mack Maine to which he replies via Twitter “Don’t forget about puttin limes in coconuts!!! What you “rep” didn’t make you or build you!!” (This comes in response to Tyga claiming he will only be repping his Last Kings imprint from this point forward.)


The second Young Money artist to lodge a complaint within the week is the youngster Lil Twist who stated recently on Twitter that he “has the worst management team in the history of management teams”

So what’s going on over there in the house that Baby and Wayne built? Is it really on the management or is it the management trying to make the correct decisions for the artist at their level and acclaim? Let us know!

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