sidepieceAs women we can be hard on other women. And, especially those referred to as “side-pieces.” Call them all sorts of foul names and dismiss their behavior as shameful, low-down & dirty. But, maybe we should think of them in a different kinda way…

You see, some men prey on certain women…knowing that they have “issues” which will allow them to settle for this kinda “bullshit.” In some cases, these women are groomed to become side-chicks. Knowingly or unknowingly, they typically get trapped in a web of lies. Before long feelings are involved. Then, the games begin. Often times as they try to escape the web, they get more and more entangled. And that’s when slowly but surely, they eventually take on the role of side-piece.

“…she may know he’s married or he may choose not to tell her…it may start out as an innocent encounter, and turn into a friendship that eventually ends up becoming sexual…he may tell her “shit ain’t right” at home…or she may even be the type that actually pursues him, knowing his situation…” Of course, there’s a cesspool full of excuses. But know that you can untangle this web, if this happens to be YOU.

There’s only one thing YOU need to do. Work on YOU. Beautiful YOU. A child of God that is wonderfully made in His image, that has a purpose for being here, that is strong and courageous, loving and kind, and that is the giver of life, the matriarch of families, the mother of children, and the master of your OWN fate! Don’t accept – never being introduced as his woman, never meeting his momma, never getting invited over for Thanksgiving or Christmas, never staying at his place, never being able to reach him, never going out together, never being posted in photos with him…etc., etc. YOU have to decide NOT to be a side-piece. It’s as simple as that! Once you have made this decision, just move on. And don’t go down that road again, because there are bigger and better things in store for YOU!  ~Doc Mel

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